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June 3, 2021



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I just wanted to drop a quick note to say that Mystical Bear has been getting some coverage on other sites and to pass along some links to view:

  1. First off, I’ve written elsewhere frequently on my blog about Lauren Sapala and her excellent classes for intuitive writers. On her site, Lauren Sapala, she has listed my site as one of the “13 Best Resources for Writers and Creatives of the INFJ and INFP Personality Types.” This is quite an honor seeing how new Mystical Bear is compared to others out there. Thanks so much, Lauren! (You can find the link here.)
  2. I was recently invited to do a guest post on Ritu Kaushal’s site, Walking Through Transitions – a site for highly sensitive people (HSP’s). I wrote a post called “Navigating Trauma-Laced Sensitivity as a Sensitive Gay Man“. By coincidence (?), this happened to fall in Pride Month so the timing was perfect. Many thanks to Ritu for including me and being extremely patient working around some unexpected delays on my end. (You can read the post here.)

Again, I want to thank these wonderful ladies for including me on their sites and let them know I deeply appreciate it. Please visit their sites.

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