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July 22, 2021


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On the INF Club with Jas Hothi

Last month, I had the opportunity to chat with host Jas Hothi on his vlog and podcast The INF Club. Jas is a great guy who normally is situated in London but did the interview while summering in Madeira. We met after he read about Mystical Bear on Ritu Kaushal’s blog, Walking Through Transitions. We had a nice chat about a lot of things including some of my past, experiences with depression and therapy and writing/working on Unclean.

One of the things that happened with this video is that I decided that I needed to completely “come out” once again – this time in regards to my full identity. Thus, I gave permission for my full name to be used. I would like to re-introduce myself:

Hello, my name is Rick Rigdon and I’m Mystical Bear.

I’ll be updating the information on the About page to include this information and remove anything that hints that I’m trying to protect my identity. That doesn’t mean that I will give anyone else’s name that I’ve hidden – I’m just doing this for myself.

(Please note – the original video of this is no longer available. You can listen to the audio of this, however, below)




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