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February 28, 2021


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I wrote last week about a new video course I had signed up for by author and writing coach Lauren Sapala titled, “You Are a Writer.” Lauren works primarily with folks whose Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) personality types are INFJ and INFP. Since I’m an INFJ, I decided to check it out and have had numerous realizations in just a short time period.

Because of some of the things the work brought up, however, I checked out some of her other videos on YouTube and found she had another course titled, “Intuitive Writing”. As she had it specially priced due to the pandemic, I decided I better not put it off and purchased it also before its cost went back up.

I’m planning on doing both in tandem as my main Writing Process work for a while. (If you check out this Writing Process post, I’ll explain more there.) It’s really spooky the way Lauren describes things that I’m going through – exactly as I’m going through them. It’s like I’m being punk’d or appearing on an old episode of Candid Camera. Apparently, though, this is not unusual for folks who share my MBTI type – it’s just that our writing processes work differently than others. This has created a lot of frustration in my past as I’ve tried to force myself to perform like others. So far, Lauren has been able to diagnose things perfectly and I’m hoping to pick up some tools to overcome what I’m experiencing.

Lauren describes the “Intuitive Writing” course as follows:

“Intuitive Writing is a writing method designed for writers who:

  • Struggle to outline stories
  • Can’t finish stories
  • Start projects with enthusiasm but then hit a brick wall and give up
  • Suffer from severe self-doubt as a writer
  • Have a lot of fear around writing and worry they will not write their book before they die”

As I work through this and the “You Are A Writer” course, I’ll be sharing my experiences and breakthroughs as they occur.

I’ve posted Lauren’s introductory videos below to help you get an idea if this is right for you. If you are interested in Lauren’s course, you can find it here.

(Note: the links I provide are not affiliate links and I make no money if you use them to purchase a product. They’re there simply to help you find something easier.)